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San Fernando Youth Soccer League's website is launched
On January 19, 2006 US Hightech SYstems has launched the new website of San Fenrando Youth Soccer League. Please find the description of the system by ...

San Fernando Youth Soccer League's Official Website

This web application is called to be the official website of San Fernando Youth Soccer League. In addition it has several very powerful features to be used by different parties. The site is equipped with Content Maestro, which allows the site Administrator to add, modify or delete content on the website. Each team - a member of the League has its own login and can maintain their own pages on this website (upload pictures, make announcements, maintain the News and Events, upload the team members, etc.).

The website allows the Administrator to create seasons, schedule matches between the teams for each season and enter the match results. It then automatically calculates and shows the standings of the teams in their brackets.

The following features have been implemented on the website:


1. Clubs List Management. The Administrator can manage list of Clubs (add/modify/delete) of the League. For each Club the Name and the Logo are entered.

2. Club Fields Management. The Administrator can manage the list of each Club’s Fields (add/delete/modify). Each Field details include Name of the Field, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers, Main E-mail Address, Status (Active or Suspended).

3. Brackets, Gender and Ratings. The system has standard list of Brackets and Gender (Boys and Girls). At any given time each team is assigned to Bracket and Gender. The list of Brackets are as follows:

• Under 9
• Under 10
• Under 11
• Under 12
• Under 13
• Under 14
• Under 15
• Under 16
• Under 17
• Under 18
• Under 19

Also, each Team is assigned to a Rating (e.g. Premium, Gold, Silver, Bronze). The list of Ratings is manageable by the Administrator (add/delete).

4. Teams List Management. The Administrator will is able to manage (add/modify/delete) the Teams in the system. Each Team is created under a certain Club. Also each Team falls under a certain Bracket (the Administrator can change the Bracket the Team currently belongs to) and a Certain Gender. The Administrator then enters a Login Name and Password for each Team and that Team’s authorized representative gets an automatic email that contains the login information as well as the instructions on how to manage their pages on this website. The Team Rep then logs in to the system and enters his/her Team’s content (see Functionality for Team Reps below). Each Team Rep in the system has a status (Active or Suspended) set by the Administrator. If a Team Rep is suspended, he/she will not be able to login to the system and, thus, make any changes to the Team’s Profile. The Administrator has all the functionality of the Team Rep and is able to edit the Team’s Profile (text and pictures).

5. Referees List Management. The Administrator is able to manage the List of Referees (add/modify – no delete function as even if a Referee no longer serves the Matches the system shall be able to show the historical records of the Matches). Each Referee’s data includes Name, Status, Phone Number and the Email Address. The Administrator also enters the Login Name and Password for each Referee. Once a Referee record is created its login information is sent automatically to the entered email address. The Referee then logs to the System (see Functionality for Referees below). The Referee’s possible statuses are Active and Inactive. If a Referee’s Status is Inactive the Administrator is able to assign him/her to a Match.

6. Schedule and Match Results Management. First the Administrator enters a new Season into the system (e.g. Fall 2006 season). Then the system automatically creates the pairs of Teams which shall play with each other during the entered season. The System creates the list of pairs for each group of Teams having the same Gender, Bracket and Rating. Once this is done the Administrator starts entering the other details of each Match (date/time, Field and Referees). A match is considered entered and is shown in the Schedule only if its participating Teams, Date/Time and Fields are entered. Otherwise, the Match is considered by the system incomplete and is not shown in the Schedule viewable by the Public.

Details of each Match include the two teams which will play, the Field, the Date and Time of the Match and the list of Referees (3 Referees – 1 main and 2 line). When showing the Schedule for Public the List of the assigned to the Matches Referees is not shown for the Matches that haven’t taken place yet. They are shown though for the played Matches.

While the match is still not played the Administrator can change the Field where it shall be played (in case if the Field for any reason is not available on the Match’s date or time). In that case the system shows the old Field and puts a note that the Field has been changed.

Same applies to the Match’s Date or Time. The Administrator is able to Reschedule a Match, however, the system, when showing the Schedule to the public shows the old date/time and highlights the new date/time.

Once a Match takes place the Administrator enters its results and statistics: Goals in Favor, Goals Against and the Cards Statistics (which player from which Team got what kind of Card – yellow or red).

7. Content Management. The Administrator is able to manage content on all Resources pages, News and Events page and Board Members page.


1. Editing Login Information. The Team Reps, once logged in, are able to change their login name and password.

2. Team Pages Content Management. The Team Rep, once logged in, is able to manage the content of his/her Team’s pages. There is a standard set of pages for each Team. The pages are as follows:

• Home Page – contains a Welcome text and up to three optional images.
• About Our Team – includes text and one optional image (it is expected that the Team photo will be placed here. Therefore, the Team Rep uploads the thumbnail image and large image here. The website shows the thumbnail image on the Abous Us page and the users can click on it and the large image will be shown in a pop-up window),
• News and Events – includs the list of Team’s News and Events, each  having date, details (text) and one optional image,
• History of Our Team – includes text and two optional images,
• Team Management – includes the list of the Team’s managers (Coach, Administrator, etc.), for each of them including the position, a text (e.g. short bio) and one image,
• Team Members – contains the list of the Team’s players with Date of Birth, a text and one image (e.g. photograph) for each of them.


1. Editing Login Information. The Referee, once logged in, is be able to change his/her login name and password and edit the Name.

2. Reviewing the Schedule. The Referee is able to review his/her schedule and print it out.


The following pages are available for the Public:

1. Home Page - with a Flash Animation.

2. Resources Pages. A manageable set of pages containing mainly text that describe the League, Policies, Bylaws, etc. The Administrator may add, modify or delete these pages through the Content Management Tool.  

3. Schedule. This page allows the user to select the Gender, Bracket and Rating and view the Schedule of the games for the current season. Once these parameters are selected the next page shows all the games of the season in chronological order. The games that are played are shown separately from the ones that are still pending. The played games show the results and have links to review their stats, and pages of the teams which played them.

Each Team listed in the Schedule is a link, clicking which takes the user to that Team’s pages. Each Field listed in the Schedule is also a link, clicking which takes the user to that Field’s page (showing contact information, schedule of matches to be played at that field, links to map and weather information).

4. Standings. When this link is clicked the system first asks the user to select the Gender, Bracket and Rating from respective pull-down lists. Once this is done, the system calculates the current Standings for the selected Group and shows it on the next page. The Standings of the Teams are identified based on their current Points. If two Teams have the same number of Points the system takes in account the Number of Goals in Favor (the Team with more Goals in Favor gets to a higher place), if they are also equal then the system takes in account the number of Goals Against (the Team with less Goals Against gets to a higher place); finally, if this parameter is also the same then they are listed in alphabetical order. The system adds three Points to the Teams for each Win, one Point for each Tight and no Points for each Loss. For each 20 Yellow Cards as well as for each five Red Cards the system deducts one Point from the Team.

Each listed in the Standings table Team is a link, clicking which takes the user to that Team’s Pages.

5. Teams. This page is dedicated to the Pages of the Teams. Each Team’s area on the website contains the pages described in the Functionality of the Team Reps Section.

6. Fields. This page allows to select a Field from the list of Fields and review its parameters (Name, address, phone number, email address) and the Schedule. The page also contains Links called Map (sends the user to Google Maps and allows to review the Field on the Map) and Weather (takes the user to the www.weather.com site and shows the weather forecast for the city the Field is in),

7. Board. This page contains the List of the SFYSL Board Members, each having Name, Short Bio and an optional photograph.

Website: http://www.sfysl.com

We would like to extend our gratitude toward the work that US Hightech Systems has done for our company. The web site and the Content Management Tool they have developed are extraordinary. This is a great web site. The design is original and the site has its character and reflects well our company's nature. I will keep recommending US Hightech Systems to our friends, clients and sub-contractors.

We are thrilled with US Hightech Systems' professional and timely ability in creating an e-commerce website for us, which is not only engaging and estetically beautiful to explore, but also very functional, practical and quite simple to maintain. Since the site went up we have received numereous encouraging compliments and most importantly: dramatically increased sales. Many thanks!